Fair trade the background story & ingredients we source.

Fair Trade ingredients

  • Cocoa Butter
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Rapadura Sugar
  • Coconut Oil
  • Green Tea

While all Pure and Green Organics products contain a minimum 60% Australian grown raw materials there are some ingredients that we need to source from overseas, either because they are not grown in Australia or are not available in an organic form. We choose to source fair trade certified organic ingredients wherever possible as part of our internal social justice policy to ensure there is no child labour used, above average wages paid, and education and health care benefits provided to farmers.

It is important to note here that child labour is prohibited in the Australian Certified Organic standard - including the labour of family members under the age of 16 years. Social justice issues such as no child labour and no testing on animals are actually built into the Australian Certified Organic Standard with farms and manufacturers audited annually to ensure they can verify their claims. Sadly, this is not a widely known fact so to be completely above reproach we take the extra step of purchasing fair trade ingredients and registering with Choose Cruelty Free Ltd Australia to ensure you as the consumer have confidence that these important social justice issues have been addressed.

Cocoa Butter & Cocoa Powder

As an exclusively certified organic manufacturer Pure and Green Organics decided to source Cocoa butter and cocoa powder from the Rapunzel, Hand in Hand Organic and Fair Trade project. Why? Because Rapunzel has always devoted itself exclusively to dealing with organic products. Practising this form of agriculture does not only mean not using synthetic pesticides and fertilizers thus improving the health of the famers, but also applying site specific farming techniques with the aim of conserving and improving soil fertility - sustainability at its best. As you will see, the Hand in Hand criteria are based upon Rapunzel's guiding principles. Also incorporated are the IFOAM Basic Standards of Fair Trade and Human Rights (IFOAM is the umbrella associaion of all organic farming organisations).

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To summarise, they involve: 1) long term trade relations, 2) purchase guarantees, 3) fair purchase prices, 4) support and advice, and 5) promotion of social and environmental projects.

In return the Hand in Hand partners guarantee: 1) products in organic quality, 2) welfare rights, 3) humane working conditions, 4) prohibition of child labour, and 5) transparency.

The cocoa butter and cocoa powder is sourced from the Dominican Republic and participation in the Hand in Hand project has led to significant improvements in the farmers' living standards, further education - especially for the women - where they can learn anything from jam-making to agriculture or administration skills.

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Rapadura Sugar

Our Rapadura sugar is also sourced through the Rapunzel Hand in Hand Project. The Rapadura comes from Brazil, a part of the world where undernourishment, low wages and an unjust distribution of land are generally the order of the day. The Fazenda Jacutinga, belonging to the Baumgartner family is like a little paradise by comparison. The farm has been cultivated organically since 1977. The workers are employed all year round and the wages are substantially higher than the Brazillian minimum standard. Most of the employees live with their families on the fazenda in their own houses with electricity and water facilities. They can supply themselves regularly with organically-grown vegetables and herbs from the plantation garden. Other benefits include free medical care, education grants and courses in nutrition, child-care and environmental awareness.

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Coconut Oil

The fair trade coconut oil we use breaks the chains of the copra industry and creates empowerment opportunities for farmers. Clean, natural extra virgin coconut oil is produced by the farmers themselves within one hour of opening the nut for which they are paid a fair price! Criteria or protocols have been set up for a wide range of commodities to confirm their Fair Trade status in export markets. At the present time, no protocols have been established by the Fairtrade Labelling Orgainisation (FLO) for Fairtrade with coconuts. Our coconut oil supplier, Kokonut Pacific, is currently (2009) associated with three fair trade models

1) Kokonut Pacific's Fair Dinkum Fair Trade

2) The general Fair Trade Principals

3) NASAA Social Justice policy

Kokonut Pacific developed the "Fair Dinkum Fair Trade" when no other suitable set of standards existed in response to a need to express what was happening on the ground. As a result, Kokonut Pacific has been proactive in implementing the FT principles with its Direct Micro Expelling (DME) technology for more than ten years. Kokonut Pacific have used the phrase "Fair Dinkum" because it is an Australian expression meaning "the real thing" or "absolutely genuine". The vision for the potential economic transformation of remote island communities is summarised as:

A fair price for their goods (that is significantly better than the average world-price).

Long term contracts which provide real security.

Support in gaining knowledge & skills to develop their businesses & operate successfully in the global economy.

This vision of "empowering" local communities is being implemented by:

Introducing a process Direct Micro Expelling (DME) which results in a 4 to 5-fold increase in the value of coconut exports compared to copra.

DME machine in action pictured here.

Making much more effective use of an existing sustainable resource with 'zero-waste' potential.

Dramatically increasing rural employment in a gender neutral manner (local employment of men, women and youth, minimising urban drift).

Helping set up complete Systems (such as training, extension services, oil purchase and quality control) to ensure full support for otherwise isolated producers.

Purchasing all the DME Virgin Coconut oil (VCO) offered for export and finding markets for this oil.

Arranging for (and in some cases funding) the Organic Certification of Producers and Packers by an internationally accredited OC Agency (NASAA).

Providing technical support by regular email communication.

Actively promoting the enormous health benefits of virgin coconut oil domestically and internationally (by advertising and attending Organic Fairs).

Promoting the downstream use of virgin coconut oil in local soap making and as a sustainable diesel biofuel.

Kokonut Pacific considers all of these to be good indicators of their commitment to Full and Fair Trade.

Green Tea

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